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Finding a travel insurance provider with decent medical coverage that is recognised in Vietnam can be a bit like finding a noodle in a hay-stack. Yet, it's possibly one of the most important part of your holiday prep to get right.  To save you endlessly Googling 'the best travel insurance for Vietnam', Da Nang Medical Practice has put together a guide to the best medical insurance policies for a Vietnam holiday.

Most travellers visiting Vietnam opt to use private hospitals or clinics, as these are usually equipped with English-speaking medical staff and are able to file insurance claims for patients. However, travellers are quite often confused about how health insurance works for different medical services. The following guide on how this is dealt with at Family Medical Practice and some advice on the best policies may be helpful for those who intend to travel to this beautiful country.



Why Take Out Health Insurance For a Holiday in Vietnam?

No matter how long you’re staying in Vietnam, medical insurance is essential, particularly when you’re travelling to a country in which rules and regulations are not the same as they may be at home. Medical insurance not only helps to protect you and your family against financial and health risks, but also brings you peace of mind as you travel, make discoveries and have exciting adventures in unfamiliar lands. Something unexpected could happen at any moment, but if you’re covered by insurance, you won’t have to pay the full cost of what could be a huge number of bills. Your insurance should cover you and your family for outpatient services, but more significantly for inpatient, evacuation and repatriation. It’s recommended that you arrange your medical insurance prior to arriving in Vietnam.


Which Insurers Provide The Best Plans?

It’s obvious that medical insurance is a good investment before any trip, and a travel medical plan with benefits should be based on the length of your trip, your age, your medical history and the medical and evacuation coverage limits.


You may be wondering where to buy your travel insurance: comparing policies from different travel insurers is the most common way for people to choose an insurance cover customised to their needs and at the best price. Some reputable insurance companies which Family Medical Practice often processes claims to are GlobalHealth, Allianz Worldwide Care, Liberty, InterGlobal and Insmart, among others.


Do All Travel Insurance Policies Offer Cashless Hospitalisation?

Today, most health insurance policies offer cashless hospitalisation and route your policy through a Third Party Administrator (TPA). Family Medical Practice (FMP) has established direct billing agreements (also called Third Party Agreements) and maintained a close working partnership with a number of international and local insurance providers so that different medical services can be provided as a cashless service. This enables FMP to claim directly from the insurance company on your behalf in case of inpatient or medical evacuation services. In these cases, you will not have to pay cash upfront for your treatment. FMP’s specialist staff will take care of all the paperwork associated with the claim process.


What Are The Administration & Claims Procedures?

You are advised to present your personal insurance card (and if possible your table of benefits, your proof of identity and medical history record, if any) when you arrive for your first consultation before you meet the doctor. For those insurance companies that FMP has direct billing agreements with, FMP will process the billing directly. In this case, you are requested to sign a credit card guarantee form upon registration. This requires you to present a valid credit card. If any amounts are declined or excluded by your insurance company after FMP submits the claim, the specialist will notify you of any shortfall. You are asked to settle the outstanding amount within 48 hours, failing which FMP will then debit the amount to the given credit card. All payment scheme information is treated as highly confidential.


In order to make a claim directly on your behalf, the specialist will communicate with your insurer and send a medical report of your current situation with any other required documents. Your insurance company will then review your benefits and send FMP a Guarantee of Payment for all the treatment fees (in most cases). If hospitalisation is approved, you may pay deductibles, coin-sure or copay, depending on your policy. In case cashless billing is not approved, you will need to pay the expenses upfront and submit the bill for reimbursement later (this is very rare).


Regarding outpatient services, you will need to pay fees upfront. FMP will issue relevant papers relating to the visit including medical reports, certificate and any itemized bills. You will then submit these papers along with a copy of your passport (photo side and visa side); a copy of your insurance card; a self-claim form (if any); and your own bank account details to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What do I Need If I Have An Accident Or Serious Illness?

Ask the staff at the hotel where you’re staying, go to the nearest medical facility, or make a call to the FMP Danang hotline on +84 913 917 303.



What Else Do I Need To Pay Attention To?

What else do I need to pay attention to?
It’s advisable to give a copy of your insurance plan to a family member back home who can provide information in case you lose yours or are unable to provide it. In addition, keep your insurance company and emergency contact details somewhere they can easily be found, as well as your hospital bills, so as to make any claims easier.


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Dr. Hazel Gallardo-Paez MD
Family and Community Medicine

Family Medical Practice

 Having worked in Pediatrics for nine-years Doctor Hazel moved on to specialise in family and community medicine. She joined the Family Medical Practice, Danang in 2014.

Dr. Hazel’s medical expertise addresses a diversity of challenges and treatments, based on her extensive Pediatrics training in a tertiary hospital and her subsequent experiences handling pediatric patients under a variety of healthcare frameworks (including emergency departments, outpatient departments, pediatric wards and acute neonatal care). This background allows her to provide comprehensive medical care while building long-term relationships with patients, their families, and the community.  

Having studied at the Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF) in the Philippines, Dr. Hazel speaks English and Filipino, as well as the Ilocano dialect. The widely-accoladed doctor has been chosen as a finalist for both her case presentation and research paper (poster presentation) in family medicine by the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP).

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Hazel enjoys cooking, reading and craftwork, as well as spending precious time with her family. 


You can find Dr Hazel at the FAMILY MEDICAL PRACTICE DANANG, 96-98 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Hai Chau District.

For general appointments call:- +84 236 3582 699

OR:- +84 913 917 303 (24 hour emergency line)

For further information about the Medical Practice, (and Family Medical Practice clinics nationwide) visit their website

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