Soul food and sunset cocktails

Chef Duc is a master for new ideas, but in every dish he creates it's clear that he holds great respect and appreciation for the traditional methods. With his third restaurant, Mai Fish, Duc returned to his roots and captured an era of Vietnamese food history that is increasingly overlooked and forgotten, in it's purest essence. 
The result is a culinary journey of discovery that's paved with awe, enjoyment and surprise - although, for some, the dishes are difficult to comprehend. Vietnamese cuisine has gone through many transitions over the decades: recipes were lost, ingredients either evolved or were replaced with cheaper, time saving enhancers and for the most part, these modern interpretations are what we are used to. The flavours at Mai Fish are more subtle, complex and fresh: like grannies gravy - you shouldn't compare it with store bought Bisto.


Mai Fish

45 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, Hoi An

Every day 08:30-10:30

T: +84 510 3925 545


  • River views

  • Authentic Vietnamese cuisine

  • Romance

  • People watching


Breakfast banh mi, cao lau, pho, duck curry - best of all, the seafood hot pot. For dessert: banana fritters or passionfruit creme brulee. To drink - cocktails!


Japanese Quarter: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai


  • Sunset happy hours stretch from 17:00 to 19:00. The perfect time to grab your riverside table, or more romantic still, head upstairs for a balcony seat

  • The seafood hotpot is enormous (two will struggle), but it's a fun tabletop cooking experience for groups - and that means you can share a few other dishes too

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