Hoi An Festival Calendar

On the lunar full moon the townsfolk will celebrate Hoi An's bygone days, reenacting cultural activities and honouring ancestors with offerings to shrines and burning incense. The old quarter is pedestrianised (no bicycles or

motorised vehicles until 10pm) and fluorescent lights are banned, adding to the old world charm. 

This is a truly special night where you can wander the old town while it is lit up with lanterns and

watch traditional performances, hear musical renditions, poetry recitals or watch as some of the

older townsmen play a game of traditional Chinese chess.



Hoi An Lantern Festival Calendar

Lantern Festival Dates 2020

  • Wednesday 8th January 

  • Friday 7th Feb

  • Saturday 7th March 

  • Monday 6th April

  • Wednesday 6th May

  • Friday 5th June

  • Saturday 4th July

  • Monday 3rd August

  • Tuesday 1st September

  • Wednesday 30th September

  • Friday 30th October

  • Saturday 28th November

  • Sunday 27th December

Lantern Festival Dates 2019

  • Saturday 19th Jan

  • Monday 18th February

  • Wednesday 20th March

  • Thursday 18th April

  • Saturday 18th May

  • Sunday 16th June

  • Tuesday 16th July

  • Wednesday 14th August

  • Thursday 12th Sept

  • Saturday 12th October

  • Sunday 10th November

  • Monday 9th December

Hoi An Full Moon Festival 2017
Hoi An Festival Calendar 2017
Hoi An Full Moon Festival
Hoi An Festival 2018
Hoi An Lantern Festival Dates 2017

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Hoi An Lantern Festival Dates 2017

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