Far from the maddening crowds

What from the outside appears to be your typical ancient traders house bursting crafts and curios, reveals inside an idyllic little tea shop with a beautiful secret floral garden seemingly modelled on the granny’s garden – dripping with creepers and vibrant tropical blossoms.
The tea selection matches the curious surrounds with rare brews like summer peach, kumquat, and soursop served in pretty ceramic cups, the best part? A matching herbal relaxing spa footbath comes as an optional extra with a choice of hot or icy cold. 

For crafters, there's a bamboo paper making studio and upstairs a beautiful gallery (ask to see it, we don't want to ruin the surprise).



16 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hoi An

Every day (except Monday) from 12:00pm


  • World-worn escape artists

  • Creatives

  • Relaxed ambience 

  • Tea 


Tea! There are over 25 brews to choose, but firm favourites are the daily fruit brew (mango, lychee or passion fruit), black tea or Pandan.


Old town: Nguyen Thai Hoc


  • Love your brew, your cup, the fragrant incense? It's all available in the tiny shop

  • If owner Nguyen Wee is about, ask him for the grand tour - and don't forget to leave a bamboo leaf on the visitor's tree

  • There's a library of Vietnam-centric books to peruse and plan from 

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